Monday, September 29, 2008

Friday, September 26, 2008


(or suprise me with a
phone call that you ARE coming)
What: Gold Canyon Candle Party
When: TONIGHT 6:00 PM
Why: There will be lots of yummie smelling candles, lots of holders, body products,
cleaning products and FOOD!

Check out their website if you don't believe me :-)

Sunday, September 14, 2008


Adalyn and Cecelia have become such cute little friends! They have their moments but for the most part they get along great! They both ended up in the sink tonight and loved it. Claire and I figured if they have bathed together they must be BFF'S!!!

I am just going to refer you all to Claire's blog for the cute pictures in her post because my computer is having problems. The second bath picture cracks me up! Adalyn started smiling like this a few weeks ago. She loves to show it off to anyone that will look her way.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Things that SCREEEECH in the night this happened the end of July, but I am just getting around to posting.

Ansley was awake watching a movie around midnight and heard a weird noise outside. She went and looked out the front window and saw part of the tree hanging down. She came and woke me up to tell me the tree fell and she tried to copy the screeching sound it made. Of coarse I didn't believe her so I got up to look. As soon as I moved the curtain back my heart started pounding!!! It wasn't even storming that night, the branch was just rotten (I'm guessing from the tree trimmers a year and a half ago that started to cut it and then changed there mind after already cutting it an inch or so) and the branch finally gave. The screeching sound she heard was the branches and pine needles scratching my Mom's van! Yikes!!! It wasn't that bad though. Just really light scratches on the top of the van. Mom said it wasn't a big deal,(she said she has done worse to the van herself). I didn't take pictures until morning.

I was a bit irritated that the city put a notice on my door before 10 am telling us we had to clean up the branch that had broken.....DUH!!! like I was going to leave it there! Yeah! we did that on purpose, it adds a nice touch to the yard! Don't cha think?!

This is what we saw out our front door

Looking south from the north side of house

We called and asked Dennis if we could barrow his
chain saw, but he came dressed and ready to use it!

So glad they were able to feel like manly men!
Thanks Dendis and Pook!!!