Saturday, June 28, 2008

Our weekend in Vegas

Adalyn watching the other plans as we taxi away from the terminal.
Adalyn getting a little tired of taxiing.
Adalyn out cold before we even took off!
Danette picked us up from the airport and we all went to David and Kathy's for some awesome hamburgers and brauts. Their dog Heidi was busy bein' a mama to five puppies. They were so cute all lined up eating.
Adalyn wanted nothing to do with touching the puppies.
Sunday we celebrated Cynthia graduating and Sam's birthday
Amber and Sam
Just thought I would show that I was actually there
Amber, Tim, Cynthia, Danette and T.K.
Three beauties!!!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Not sure why!

Dennis and Evan both were guarding their cakes. Maybe some of the younger kids were getting a little too close. Who knows why Evan and Dennis do some of the things they do??? They did share though!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Out of order post for May

This first picture was from Mother's Day at our house. Darla brought the dessert but we hadn't gotten around to putting it together yet. Evan decided he was ready for dessert on his own. He cut a huge triangle out of the shortcake and then filled it with tons of strawberries and whipped cream. He did this all in the kitchen without anyone watching. So when he came back to the table, he just sat down with his plate and acted like he had done nothing wrong. He likes to get a rise out of my family, especially ME!!!
The next weekend was Evan's birthday on Sunday and Dennis' on Monday. They usually get to share a party. We at least made them their own cakes with candles to blow out. Love yer guts Dendis! Love yer guts even more Pook!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

another post....

NO WAY! the time is off on all the previous posts. It is now 2 am! I will do some more catching up tomorrow...hopefully.....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

I love bargains!!!

I just don't get why Adalyn doesn't!!! I found her a pool toy to sit in. It was at Leslie's Pool Supply on clearance for only $8!!! It has all kinds of entertainment all the way around! The chair swivels all the way around too! She hates it!!! She just wants me to hold her the whole time. She loves the water, she sees Ansley swim and then she wants to swim...but that just isn't happening yet! I am so bummed, cause I was so excited for her to love it!
We played in Darla's pool for a little bit a few weeks ago but it was still freezing! This was probably the longest time she has stayed in there and wasn't screaming.
How do I change her mind and MAKE her love it!?

Such a good helper!!!

Adalyn loves to climb into the fridge anytime it opens. Who wouldn't in this weather, and if you could fit! She had a hay day while I was cleaning it. I feel bad though cause one of the times I was rinsing my cloth, she touched the light bulb. She fussed a tiny little second, so I thought that is probably what happened, but the blister didn't show up for a day or so. It wasn't even red when it happened. After I closed the fridge and started doing the dishes she moved on to her other favorite thing to do. Thanks for helping Adalyn!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Yes! I am still a blogger!

I have had time to blog. I come in, sit at the computer, check email, check a few blogs, maybe make a few comments, and then just when I think I will choose a few pictures to blog about, something happens and I have to walk away from the computer. Then when I make it back for some computer time, it starts all over again!!!!
So I will try to do a little catch up here even though it is almost midnight and my rear is already numb from checking email and chatting on my new gmail chat! Thanks to Claire!!!
Well I just thought Ansley did so great with her performance I wanted everyone to watch it for a month. jk The next day after her performace was a birthday party for our dear sweet friend Sarah! It was a super hero party and we had to come up with our own! Myself, not being very creative, used some of Ansley's easybake stuff and was "Wonder Baker". Evan got some of his welding stuff on and was "Master Fusion".

I still have one more May post but I didn't have a good picture. Coming soon...out of order.