Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Praying for a speedy recovery!!!

Evan thought I was silly to take so many pictures of him. I kept telling him, "I gotta blog it!" He just rolled his eyes and would laugh at me or try to ruin the picture. As you can tell with the first photo he was feelin' fine before surgery. The other photos however are not so happy. After having his tonsils and adenoids out, and having his septum moved, he was in good spirits but in a lot of pain. The medication helps a lot! Sorry about the little bit of blood. I wanted a picture while they were changing the dressing under his nose. He ate a lot of food even though it really hurt! He was starving!!! He hadn't eaten since dinner the night before.

He didn't want me to leave tonight. I stayed as long as I could till I was kicked out. I will go back in the morning and hopefully he will get to come home right away. I hope he gets some sleep tonight.

Thank you all for your prayers! Let's all pray that he has a speedy recovery!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


We were able to pick Kayl up Friday night in Mesa and have him with us until Saturday night. So we decided to pretend it was his birthday and let him choose where he wanted to eat. He chose Wendy's. I said, "No, really, anywhere you want to eat! Like Chili's or Applebee's..." Evan turned and looked at me and said, "SSSHHH!!! let him choose!" So we ate at Wendy's for dinner and then went and walked around Bass Pro Shop. We played a few of the shooting games they have and bought him a hat. The kids loved watching the huge catfish (bigger than Adalyn) swim in the big tank. I lost count of how many times we went back to see it. In the morning he chose breakfast burritos and lunch was at Arby's with Dennis and Carolyn and boys. After that we took the elders to the grocery store to buy some meat to cook in our backyard pit. (I will blog about that later) Then it was off to the theatre to see Nim's Island. I thought it was good, even though Adalyn didn't sleep till the last 20 minutes or so. On the way to take Devin and Nathan home we stopped at Sonic and let them all get ice cream. Before I gave Kayl's to him I stuck a candle in his whipped cream, lite it and we sang to him. It made me a little nervous to watch Nathan hand it to Kayl over the seat, really close to the ceiling, but they did good and there was no fire in the car! It was a fun day and we were very happy to be able celebrate his 10th birthday with him a little early!!! His actual birthday is tomorrow the 16th.

Poor Daddy!

Evan has sleep apnea and has to sleep
with a breathing machine.
He hasn't ever left it on all night
cause he takes in off without even knowing it.
He says it is like having a leaf blower in your mouth!

Sorry if this grosses anyone out!!!

Evan has wanted his tonsils out for a LONG time. He has had problems with them for as long I have known him. All you can see in the back of his mouth is TONSILS! They are almost touching. Well, he is finally getting what he asked for! Tomorrow morning I am taking him to St. Joseph Hospital's Outpatient Surgery Center for a Tonsillectomy and Septoplasty. He has been warned about how much pain he will be in by several friends, but also how grateful they are to have had it done.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Not hot enough for me!

Our grass needs to be mowed about once a week. Evan was going to mow it right before Easter but my Mom thought it would be better long for the egg hunt. He didn't have time to do it the next weekend and it was WAY pass due. So I decided, since I haven't mowed a lawn probably since high school, I would give it a whirl! I thought I would just surprise Evan when he came home, but I couldn't get it started. The day before Easter he had mowed the weeds in the back yard and set the mower on the lowest setting closest to the ground. I noticed when I started that the grass was really short but just thought it wouldn't matter cause it grows so fast. Well, I didn't think about how close the blades would be to the sprinklers. OOPS!!! I should have taken a picture of the fountain.
Anyway, the girls thought it would be fun to play in the water. So I turned a little sprinkler on for them. It was fun to watch Adalyn get closer and closer and then finally get comfortable to sit on it and try to drink it. It was a beautiful day...just a little breezy! Not warm enough for me to get wet though.

Where's Ansley???

Ansley was laying down on the other side of the wall
laughing. It took Adalyn just a little bit
to figure out where she was.


Maybe she is over there........

Yeah!!! I found her!

I am so glad they love each other for the majority of the time!

Rough day?

Please do not call CPS?! I didn't do any of it!!! Adalyn fell at church and hit her forehead on a vent on a door. I am not sure when she scrapped her arm, but her knees looked pretty rough too. Ansley got her war wound from Lala's the week before. I think a metal hanger reached out and got her.


I see you!

Adalyn could play that game all day if YOU could!

Easter Sunday

Daddy is so nice to show the girls how to make BIG bubbles! He was just walking backwards really slow, but each picture I got made him look like a fairy, prancing around with a wand.

Catching up!

Now that I am REALLY finally ready to blog, but still learning, I look at all my pictures and ...there are so many I don't want to leave out! So, I will just back up a little to Easter and then move forward. This picture is actually from the week before Easter. We had Kayl for his Spring Break and he was able to stay for church because of Preston's farewell. By the time church is over, Adalyn falls asleep in the car or soon after we get home. I really like it when she sleeps during Relief Society and then I get to listen. Unfortunately, that hardly ever happens. At least we got a picture of all three kids before they ran in the house to change.