Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Eve

Mary, Joseph and ...Mary Ü
Mary, Baby Jesus, Joseph, Mary,
Shepard and a Wise Man

Happy Family

We were so excited to have Santa come
to Grandma's house!

Ansley and Santa having a chat
Adalyn cried when Santa came in the

door, then was happy to keep her

distance with her candy cane and Daddy

New PJ's

The cute and the NOT so cute of Adalyn

Amber and Addisyn came to visit!

Grandma was reading stories to the kids
so that they would back up and get out of
Addisyn's face while she ate.
I love it when Adalyn puts her hands in her pockets!
(that is the real reason for this pic)

Amber (my niece), Addisyn and Ansley

Addisyn Lena...my new GREAT niece!

Lala and Addisyn during her photo shoot
with Claire

Ansley, Adalyn and Addisyn
They love their new cousin
and couldn't get enough of her!!!

Ansley is such a good little mama

Sunday before Christmas!

This is as close as we got to a "family" photo
The last few years we have gotten one of the neighbors to come over and take our picture after church. Not sure why we didn't this year. We had our very own PROFESSIONAL photographer take our picture this last weekend. So we can see those very soon on her site!

Pre-School Christmas Party

Ansley had so much fun at her party!
Ms. Linda was so sweet to include
all the kids that had come to the party

Friday, December 19, 2008

Do you like Santa?

From far away,
Adalyn was happy to see Santa
at our ward party.
Ansley was pretty excited herself!
We got in line to see Santa
and I started talking to Adalyn about it.
It went something like this:
me: Adalyn want to see Santa?!!!
her: Yeah!
me: Want to sit on his lap and get
a picture?!!
her: NO! (hugging my neck a little)
me: want to sit with Ansley?
her: NO!! (hugging my neck tighter
me: want to give him a hug?
her: NO!!! (hugging me very tight)

And this is as close as she got!

Much happier to have some candy from him
Goofy girls eating their candy from Santa

Ansley and Reeslyn thought
it was pretty cool to sit in
Santa's chair after he left.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

My BFF Bette-Sue

Bette-Sue from The Biggest Loser Season 5
came and spoke at our Enrichment meeting tonight.
She was great!!!
I highly recommend everyone book her for your
next Enrichment! (if you live close to or in the Phoenix valley)

I appreciate ALL the help I received in making this a great night!!!

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