Thursday, May 22, 2008

Gymnastics Performance

Ansley did GREAT!!! It was fun to go and watch her and all the other kids. Katie does an AWESOME job with all of them!
I should have gotten a picture of Adalyn with the handful of suckers Katie gave her to occupy her through the performances. She ate one right after the other.

NICE Bridge Ansley! If you look at the picture blown up, her eyes are just a little creepy.

Pre-School Graduation and Water Day

I realize I am a week behind...but better late than never!!! So here we go with catching up, instead of doing chores like I should be, cause both girls are asleep.
Ansley's pre-school graduation was last Thursday evening. It felt weird being there, because we are still not sure if she is going to Kindergarten in the fall or another year of pre-school. Her birthday is not until October so we would have to have her tested. I don't want to start her just because of her size. She towers over most of her friends but I don't think that would be an issue for her if we wait another year. She already knows a lot of what they will learn in Kindergarten, but I am thinking we shouldn't push her to grow up too fast. ???? Any suggestions from experience or not?
She was a little stubborn during the program and wouldn't sing. WHAT THE HECK??? She had fallen asleep on the way there but she had time to wake up and be in a good mood. I wanted to ring her neck! I still love her though!
Friday morning was Water Day at Mrs. Linda's. Some of the Mom's brought their slide for the kids to play on. They had tons of fun!!! and a little too much sun!

Her favorite part of the evening. A mouth FULL of frosting!!!

Monday, May 19, 2008


Okay! So I may have been neglecting my girls for a few minutes to check email and look at all the
wonderful blogs I like to see, when Ansley came to tell me that Adalyn dumped out a box of the
marshmallow cereal. I was a little bummed to have food wasted but it was from the dollar store. Anyway, I go to check it out, (with blogging in mind, since that is what I was looking at) I ask Adalyn what happened?
She immediately starts jabbering, pointing at the cereal ALL over the floor and at Ansley. Too funny!

Ansley, of coarse says she did not do it! She was playing with Pooh bear!

Ansley was happy to help clean it up though!

.....funny how there was not ONE marshmallow to be found...hmmmm

Tea for Two

Or should I say...Mac-n-cheese and chocolate milk.
Whatever makes them smile, right?

Sunday, May 11, 2008


Especially to the best one of all!!! We could never ask for a better Mother or Grandmother! She is AMAZING! We love this one more than any words could say!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Finally updating!

Evan's Uncle Rohm and Aunt Barbara stopped by to visit on their way to CA. Evan still had the splints in his nose that made him look like Mr. Piggy. That was probably his worst day for his voice, it was pretty raspy. His top lip was pretty swollen, making it hard to smile normal. He would try so hard to smile and his top lip wouldn't move. I should have taken a picture of him then. I laughed so hard! He is doing awesome now! I can barely hear him when he sleeps. He feels like he is getting more sleep than before. His nose and throat are still a little tender but overall he feels great and is very glad to have it done!

Adalyn was reading all of the books around her, one right after the other, several times.
She is so cute!

Ansley's preschool class had a field trip to a fire station. She was being a little clingy at first but finally moved away from me so I could get her in some of the pictures. The kids got a tour of where the firemen eat, hangout to watch T.V., sleep, workout and an office to do paperwork. Then they were shown a firetruck inside and out.

All of the kids were given a fireman hat and a badge sticker!

On the way to that fire station, Ansley saw Stockman's Feed store. She got very excited cause she remembered going there a month or so ago when we were looking for burlap sacks for our pit cooking. (I still need to put that on here) She has been asking ever since then if we could go back to hold the baby chicks. I told her we could go after we were done at the fire station. I think this might have been more exciting to her than the field trip. It was fun to spend some time alone with her!