Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!!!

These cuties were ready to party!!!

I have boo typed here!
Why isn't it showing up???
I guess Ansley and Reeslyn thought it was cool
to rest their elbows on the piano. I noticed
they kept putting them back between almost
every move they made during their songs.

Cute little witch that doesn't like to wear her hat.

This bigger witch didn't like her hat either.
We painted her hair purple instead. We
will try to make the purple a little darker
for trunk-or-treat tonight.

This was last week when we just had to
show Dad what we found. I had to be
quick! Adalyn was about to take the
hat off! She would either use her hands
or just bend over and let it fall off.

Mean Ol' Witch!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Update from Betty Sue

I just got this email and thought I would share -

Hello everyone! We met at Poppy's and I promised to let you know when the Oprah show that features the Biggest Loser former contestants will air. The show is scheduled for Thursday, Oct 30.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Hilarious conversation with Ansley

This evening, Ansley and I were looking at the Beam's blog and Ansley asked me what the baby's name was. I told her it was Nikolas, like Papa Nick's name is Nicholas. Then she asked me what his whole name was. So we were talking about his name, Evan's name and her name.

Me: "Papa Nick's name is Nicholas Evan Thompson, Daddy is Evan Ansley Thompson and you are Ansley Elizabeth Thompson. Daddy has his daddy's middle name and you have your daddy's middle name. So when you have a daughter you should name her Elizabeth."

Ansley: "when I am a teenager and I have boobs like you and I have a baby in my tummy and I let it out right now I am going to name it Sparkle Elizabeth Evan Ansley Thompson Cathcart"

Me: Laughing and typing as fast as I could in the Beam's comment box to get every hilarious word. I told her she better not be a teenager with a baby in her tummy!!!!

My Girls

Adalyn had fallen asleep here too but she woke up before I knew

I love it when they fall asleep next to each other!
This happened after taking her out of the bath,
I had wrapped her in a towel and sat her down on the floor.
She tried to roll over and get up and she face planted
since her arms were all wrapped up. Poor girl!
Fell asleep while brushing her own hair
Sunday afternoon nap together
Ansley figured out a way they could both
play on the dog at the same time
Adalyn is so good to climb up on the table and lay
face down to wait for Uncle Dendis...for a minute
Align the spine!
Subluxation Free!!!
Watching Daddy leave for school on his motorcycle.
Ansley was so excited to receive her own WHOLE
box of cereal from her primary teacher for doing such
a good job in the primary program.
I went to the street to bring the trash cans back up by
the house and saw a praying mantis. I had to show the
girls cause that is not something we see everyday.
They both sat and watched it for quite a while.

Party Poopers

Some people just can't party into the night like the rest of us!
Evan messing with Dennis while he sleeps
I wonder what she was REALLY drinking! jk
Erin and Adam dreaming about getting engaged
a month down the road.

Girl Friends

I have no idea why these loaded in the opposite order they were uploaded. I have never had that happen. I tried to drag them to put them in the right order but that didn't work either. Any suggestions???

ANYWAY, I am not going to change it now. These are still cute pictures even if the are out of order. Some of these were linked to Claire's blog a month and a half ago when my computer was out of space. I am still trying to catch up !

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I am finally posting pictures from my Mom's party. I didn't have my camera out until the end of the party for family pictures. So I had to get pictures from others. There are a bunch more picture in our Kodak gallery if you are interested, let me know.

She really was super surprised to see
so many friends and family members!!!
SOOO worth the wait while planning!

Mom and her 8 D's
Mom and her big boys!
Mom laughing with her girls

(I am pretty sure it was Evan that said something crude)

Cynthia and Wendy
Cynthia, Danette and Amber
Adalyn and Amber

Our little family
Adam and Erin
Amber (baby Addisyn) and Great Uncle Evan

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


My niece Erin, is engaged as of last night!
We are so excited for her and Adam.
He is a great guy!
Welcome to the family Adam!

Friday, October 17, 2008


A great friend of mine has started her own business!
Raysha is selling her amazing creations!
Bags, Diaper bags, burp clothes,
aprons, hooded bath towels...
...just to name a few
She is just getting her blog started
so keep checking back for more details on ordering
or send her your questions

Monday, October 6, 2008

Pit Cooking...this time was for Mom's 70th Surprise Birthday Party

Start with filling the pit (55 gallon barrel in ground) with mesquite wood
Let wood burn down to red hot coals. Coals should fill about 1/3 of the barrel...I think, (I will check with Evan and fix it if I am wrong)
While wood is burning down, season meat and place in foil pans. For the ham we use brown sugar, chili powder, and honey. For the turkey, we have experimented several times. This time, each had a different sauce inside along with onions and celery. I think I sprinkled them with salt, pepper, and parsley. You really can't go wrong!!! For Easter we did a traditionally flavored turkey and a Curry flavored turkey. YUM! Once seasoned, wrap the entire pan in 6-8 layers of foil. Take outside to put pans in burlap sacks that have been soaking in water. We put two pans to a sack. Fold end of sack under and wrap with wire, making a handle for lowing into the pit.
Place all wire wrapped sacks down in pit. Put the lid on the barrel and cover completely with damp dirt. This seals the heat in. 12 hours later remove dirt and lid. Take sacks out of barrel, and the pans out of the sacks. We leave the foil on until we are ready to serve...unless we just can't help ourselves and need to taste the meat! Which is usually the case. The meat comes out soooo tender and just falls off the bone!

I have taken pictures (for blogging) several times when we have cooked in the pit and I have forgotten every time to take a picture of the finished product. Maybe next time...or maybe some one took a picture of the food for Mom's 70th surprise birthday party. I will have to ask around.

Kodak moment...aaawwww

I am so glad that my girls are so comfortable with their sweet grandma. I love it that she lives so close and they get to see her at least once a week but usually more.
I can guarantee that while they were falling asleep, Ansley was rubbing grandma's arm and Adalyn had her hand down grandma's shirt. (I will have to put a post together about Adalyn's addiction) :-)
We love you so much Grandma!!!

Sunday, October 5, 2008


This is the best thing that came from our garden! We planted several things but we weren't the best at watering and the sun wasn't the nicest to our plants either. I think we just need to start all over again. At least we did enjoy seeing some of the plants grow for a little while even though we didn't eat anything from them. We were all very excited to see the beautiful sunflowers bloom! Although the sun got to these too after only a few days.

Our sweet Adalyn posing with the pretty flowers

Ansley loves to give rides around the backyard

Girls Night Out with Betty Sue!

Jenniffer, Dawn, Carolyn, Betty Sue, Claire, Mom (Norma), Sarah and myself

Thursday night all of us went to Mesa to Poppy's Home Decor to hear Betty Sue from season 5 of NBC's Biggest Loser. We were supposed to go on Tuesday, but it was moved to Thursday so that Betty Sue could go to the Oprah show to be on with others from the Biggest Loser. Her and her daughter were on the Biggest Loser together and Ali ended up winning! Betty Sue is now wanting to talk to as many people as possible about being your best self. Betty Sue tells about how they got on the Biggest Loser and what they went through being on the show. She is very entertaining!

A few weeks ago Katie sent me some information from her cousin about Betty Sue. So I emailed back and forth with Betty Sue and booked her to speak at our December Enrichment meeting. It was great to be able to meet her Thursday and hear her speak. I am looking forward to being in contact with her and hearing her speak again.