Sunday, January 25, 2009

Story Time!

Last week, Evan and I were in the kitchen getting dinner together and we looked over and saw Adalyn sitting on Ansley's lap. Ansley was reading a book to her. I tried to get pictures and videos of that but it was too dark for the video and when I turned on the light the girls realized what I was doing and the battery kept dying. A little while later they were back at it, but reading to themselves, out loud!

Ansley didn't know I had taken this video until a few minutes ago. She came in to ask me something and I showed her. She seemed embarrassed at first and then we both started laughing!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Check US out!!!

Claire took pictures of us a few weeks ago.
Here are a handful

Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Year's Eve at the Cathcart's

We had a fun bringing in the New Year with family at Dennis and Carolyn's. The main entertainment for the night was Wii bowling! If you take a look at the score on the T.V....Evan was green, Ansley was pink and I am not sure which of the other colors Dennis and Tim were. The guys could not believe that Ansley was beating them!!!
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Random pictures from last week

One of my good friends from high school, Shelly, came to visit. She came from Ohio to visit her parents for Christmas. She had just found me on Facebook a few weeks ago. It was great to visit with her for a little while!
Amber, Sam and Addisyn came for another visit before they went back to Vegas. Mom came over and brought the quilt she had made for Addisyn. She did a great job on it. It really is beautiful!!!
Me, Addisyn, Mom and Aunt Starla
oh, and Ansley asleep on my lap
Mom's gift from Danette and I. A lady in Danette's ward in Vegas makes these family trees out of all of your family's names, birth dates and wedding dates.
My new table toppers, compliments of the Matthews family. I love it! I have stuff I still need to put on the wall. I will post it after I get that done.
We had Christmas with Kayl Saturday afternoon. We were able to have him here with us until Friday afternoon. We wish he was closer and could be with us a whole lot more!
The girls tried to help him as much as
possible. He had it under control though.
The other day I washed Adalyn's hands and face at the sink and then she said she wanted a drink. She did this for awhile and right after I took this she fell into the sink and bonked her head. She ended up with a really light bruise. Poor girl! My sister, Darla told us a couple of weeks ago that her friend had an entertainment center she wanted to get rid of. So Evan and I finally went and got it last week. While I was watching a movie with the kids the other day, Adalyn figured out that she fits just right!
And of coarse, Ansley had to try it out too!
I love having the movies behind closed doors again!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Later Christmas Day

We went to Dennis and Carolyn's for a late lunch. Nikki brought her drum set to play on. Everyone got a kick out of how well Adalyn and Ansley played the drums. I told them all that the girls learned by watching their cousin Tanner, an awesome drummer!

A close up of Adalyn's hair that I copied
from the Hair blog I like. I did Ansley's
too, but hers wasn't as curly. Still trying
to learn how to curl with the flat iron.

Anyone that goes to Lala's and is a
size 8 in shoes or smaller...
Just has to try on the new shoes
Nathan got from Georgia during
their white elephant party!

Grandma tried them on to!

Christmas Day

I made Ansley close her eyes,
walk out in front of the tree,
and then open!
The girls had fun opening gifts and
playing with them as they went.

Hams for the pit

Dennis and Carolyn wanted to have ham for Christmas along with Mom's roasted Turkey. They also had Carolyn's family party that next weekend. So they brought over 3 hams and we had one to cook just to eat!We got all the hams seasoned and wrapped in foil. The fire didn't get started until after we got home from Grandmas. So the coals weren't ready till 4 AM!!!

The girls finally went to bed after swinging around 11:30 pm. I finished wrapping a few things and then hung out with Evan. We finally got the foil wrapped hams in the wet burlap, put them down in the pit, closed it, and covered it with dirt by 4:20 AM! The girls woke us up at 8 AM! Evan took a nap later in the morning and I slept good the next night.

Getting ready for Santa

When we got home from Grandma's we had a surprise on our door step from Sarah and Jeremy. Thank you! There were two little baggies with oatmeal and glitter. The tag said,

"Sprinkle on the lawn at night
The moon will make it sparkle bright
As Santa's reindeer fly and roam
This will guide them to your home."

The girls had fun sprinkleing it all
in the back yard
They both love to be pushed on the swings
Daddy loves to make Adalyn laugh