Monday, July 28, 2008

Gift Certificate

My sister, Dawney emailed me the other day and said that her daughter, Wendy saw a video on youtube where a kid could not say, "gift certificate". They asked her 5 year old, Kacie to say it and said it was comical. So I emailed her back and said that I would take a video when I asked Ansley to say it.

More Swim Lessons

Claire invited us to take swim lessons
with her and Cecelia at GCC.
I thought it was a great idea!
I was able to get in a Level A class
with Adalyn and put Ansley in
Level 2 at the same time.
Thanks for switching times for us Claire!

"Kick, Kick, Kick!!!"

Climbing out on her own

"One, two, three, JUMP!"

Anlsey was so excited all morning for it to be the
last day so she could jump off the diving board.
Once it was her turn she was a little nervous
and kept telling her teacher to move closer.
She did finally jump but did the same thing
her second turn. Silly girl!
Adalyn's class was given Popsicles before getting into the water, very smart! Ansley's got hers after class. Her teacher had extra so he gave them to her and said to give them to her parents. Kinda silly since they were already melted when she came over to me. There was no way they were going to make it home for Daddy! So we ate them quickly and still made a mess on the sidewalk.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

More Fun Hair!

I need to get a smaller curling iron
for the hairs that are hanging down in the middle.
I did get it to curl a little bit before church,
but as you can tell it didn't stay.
I wish her top layer of hair was
as curly as the bottom layers.
It looks a tad bit cuter on the hair blog.

Baking Bread

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Gotta love info-mercials!

Saturday, after getting home from Taetum's party, Ansley fell asleep on the couch. This was around 6:30 pm. I thought maybe she would sleep an hour or so and wake up for dinner then go to bed when we were ready to. Which is usually late! She did wake up about 7:30 pm, ate a little and went back to the couch. It was so quick I thought there was no way she was asleep. When I called to her I realized she was OUT!!! I left her there for a while and then put her to bed when we went. Sunday morning I woke up pretty early and realized she wasn't in the bed, so I went to check on where she was. I had no idea how long she had been awake. I am guessing she got enough sleep after 11 or 12 hours. We just about ran into each other coming around corners at the same time. She was coming to tell me about a commercial she was watching. I wasn't totally awake but thought it was funny for her to be able to tell me all about the steamer. She was so into it, even when telling me the second time for me to record it.

Happy 4th Birthday Taetum!

Taetum's Daddy, Marc decorates her and
her sisters birthday cakes every year.
I am not sure if I have the patience to do that.
Ansley, Taetum and Mackenzie
These girls go way back!
I watched them when Taetum was
only 3 months old till she was almost 1 year old.
They love getting together to play!
I got very excited when they broke out with the
old school Mario Brothers! I couldn't hardly stand
to watch Kayl (his first time playing) zoom right
past the tunnels, free men and all the coins! I waited
my turn and came so close to saving the princess
before I lost all my 8 or 9 lives.

Photo Shoot with Kayl

Last Friday, after we got home from a pagent my niece was in, I thought Kayl was lookin' good! So I made him strike a pose or two or three.........
Adalyn wanted to join in. She was standing by Kayl,
so I told him to squat down beside her and she copied that too.
We have enjoyed having Kayl here that last 3 weeks.
We wish we all lived closer. It stinks to have to go so long between visits.
Be a good boy!!! We love you too much too more!!!

Adalyn's nap with a Beautician

Sunday, July 20, 2008

4th of July

I know...a bit late...but we had a great Independence Day! It started out with me waking up before everyone else and making biscuits from scratch for our wards breakfast. The breakfast was great with a Patriotic program and parade! This was taken when we got home from breakfast. I made potato salad and we went to Scott and Claire's for a delicious BBQ and a little swimming in the late afternoon. I forgot the camera, but Claire took some cute pictures. (click on her names to check out the pictures ...[I am sure most people know that already, but some may not]) Anyway, later in the evening we walked over to GCC and watched the fireworks. After the show was over, Ansley asked if we were going to another show. We had to laugh, because last year we went to 5 different nights of fireworks. My niece's boyfriend, Sam worked for a company that set the fireworks off. We were his groupies last year. It was soo much fun!!! We miss you Samber!!!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Fun Hair!

I came across a hair blog while surfing a few weeks ago. I love it! She gives instructions and photos on different ways to do little girls hair. I have tried a couple of them on Ansley and Adalyn.

I think this one turned out cute! It would look a little bit better if Ansley's hair was longer, so it would have a bigger poof after the braids and bows.

I can't believe I actually got Adalyn to sit still for this twice! The first time was on a Sat. and we didn't go anywhere that evening after I was done playing. So I had to do it again on Sunday and change the colors. The picture is a little bright, but I think you can still see how stinkin' cute she is!

More gymnastics

Ansley, of coarse, had a great time at Gymnastics with Katie. The summer session was just once a week for 4 weeks in June. We decided to let Adalyn try too! I was worried that she was too young, but Katie assured me that she was perfect for the Toddler class. I was still a little iffy after the first class, but she was doing pretty good by the last class. It is so much fun to watch little ones catch on and learn new things!

Swim Lessons

Ansley took lessons from Azure for 2 weeks in June. Azure is such a great teacher!!! Ansley has so much more confidence now!

We decided to continue with some lessons at GCC so that Adalyn could swim with her BFF, Cecelia. Ansley is in a Level 2 class at the same time as Adalyn. I haven't taken the camera yet. We will have to take it next week and see if Claire will take some pictures for us. We've gotta show off Adalyn's mad swim skills too! ;-)

Thursday, July 17, 2008


Cute cake Stacy made
Ansley, Adalyn and Lucie
Ben helping Lucie finish her cupcake
Ben, Stacy and Lucie trying to stay hydrated! Lucie is holding her new baby sister!
Alice Elizabeth was born on
Friday, July 11th at 4:20 pm.
She weighed 10 lbs 3 oz
and measured 22 inches long!
Congratulations Buchanan's!!!
You are amazing Stacy!!!
We Love you guys!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Some day...I'll catch up!

The day before Father's Day, our ward had a Primary activity for the kids and their Dads. (I invited myself along to take some pictures)

Evan and Ansley with their Family Flags Even though you can't see Evan's face,
you can tell he is cheering Ansley on
and wishing he could reach in and help her.
They won that tug of war!

After all the fun games there was a lunch provided for a picnic. Everyone was a winner! They all got the GOLD! Thanks for being such a great Dad! I know Ansley and Adalyn love spending time with you!!!